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The Whimsically Macabre Scenes of @__remmidemmi

To see more of Sandro’s explorations of “bodies with no regret,” follow @__remmidemmi on Instagram.

In his macabre, tragicomic photo series, Italian photographer Sandro Giordoan (@__remmidemmi) explores the willingness of people to put the safety of material objects before their own well-being.

When conceiving the project, _IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret), Sandro drew from personal experience. “Last summer I had a small but tough bicycle accident,” he explains. “I lost 30% of my right hand’s functions because I never let go of the object I was holding as I fell.”

When, shortly after, a friend broke his leg to prevent his smartphone from falling in water, Sandro became concerned. “We live in a time where we risk material things becoming more important than our own lives, and this is really worrying.”

Sandro channeled his concern into crafting meticulous and whimsical photos. “I immediately felt the urgency to capture the moment of impact. I wanted to talk about obsessions, neurosis and frailties of our times through my personal experience.” The resulting photos are at once humorous and haunting.

Many think that the wildly contorted bodies in Sandro’s photos are dolls or dummies. Not so, says Sandro. “I work exclusively with professional actors who are able to position themselves in anatomically impossible poses because they are trained to use their bodies to communicate.”

Maroon 5 / Maps- Single


Maps | Maroon 5

I miss taste of the sweet life.
I miss the conversation.
I’m searching for a song tonight.
I’m changing all of the stations.
I like to think that we had it all.
We drew a map to a better place,
but on that road I took a fall.
Oh baby, why did you run away?

I was there for you
in your darkest times.
I was there for you
in your darkest nights,

but I wonder where were you
when I was at my worst;
down on my knees,
and you said you had my back.
So, I wonder where were you.
All the roads you took came back to me.
So, I’m following the map that leads to you;
the map that leads to you.
Ain’t nothing I can do;
the map that leads to you.
Following, following, following
the map that leads to you.

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